Student Council Committees

Committees and Chairpersons

Fundraiser and Community Service Committee:

The fund-raising committee is responsible for raising needed funds for South Middle School and its' projects. The committee will work with the advisors to implement and follow through with all fundraising projects. This committee plans  and implements all fundraising in behalf of different charitable organizations.




Historian - WASC committee

 This committee is responsible for documenting all events at SMS. It will keep a scrapbook of all student council activities through the school year. They are the official photographers of student council. Projects include the scrapbook, banner, button, best project write-up, and speech for the state conference.




PBIS- Spirit Committee:

This committee is responsible for collaboarating with our PBIS Committee. This may include attending the monthly PBIS meetings and coordinating events such as the Tailgate party or Spring fling. This committee will help plan activities that promote pride in our school. Example: Spirit week, door decorating and Red Ribbon Week.




Social- staff Appreciation Committee

This committee is responsible for planning, preparing, promoting, setting up, and cleaning up the school parties and 6th grade fun nights. Lastly, they are responsible for planning monthly ways to say thank you to all staff and the bus drivers ( on the bus drivers appreciation month).




Public Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for the 6th grade orientation, Camp Middle School, and various activities with the 6th graders thoughout the year. They will welcome new students to South and help with the welcome breakfast for new students at the beginning of the year.




Sunshine- SOAR committee

This committee is responsible for fostering friendships and mentoring other students. This may include tutoring, seating with someone in the lunch room, playing games, and reading. They will aslo plan activities to make all students feel welcome at South.




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All students whose names are in bold and underlined are the chairmen of their committees!

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