Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
  Abel, Kenneth Counselor Email (715) 852-5118
  Adler, Peter Phy Ed Email 15134
  Alger, Lindsey Email 15136
  Bakkala, Andrea Email Web site
  Beese, Rob Technology Education Email 15156
Photo for Benedict, Andrea Benedict, Andrea Resource Teacher Email 15132
  Beranek, Joseph Email Web site
  Berry, Samantha Email Web site
  Bleick, Denise Cook Email
  Bobo, Holly World Languages Teacher-ASL & Itinerant Teacher for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Email 16472
  Bollinger, Julie Language Arts 7/8 Email 15126
  Borresen, Rachel Email 15184 Web site
  Borton, Amber Secondary Office Assistant Email 15102
  Brenner, Sarah Email 15121 Web site
  Brommer, Brenda SPEA Email 15178
  Brown, Andrew Grade 6 H Email 15140
  Brunner, Kelly Email Web site
  Burritt, Kristine Email Web site
  Camlek, Timothy Grade 6 G Email 15129
  CarlsonSather, Amy Social Studies 7 Email 15131
  Casper, Breanna Email (715) 852-5157
  Cernocky, Pamela Gifted Education Coordinator Email 13110
  Charles, Kimberly Email Web site
  Christianson, Lynn Student Services Secretary Email 15101
  Conway, Caitlin Email
  Curry, Cody Email 16387 Web site
  DeRusha, Scott Staff Email 15124
  Devine, Suzanne Science 7 & 8, Social Studies 8 Email 15153
  DiMartino, Matt Email Web site
  DiMartino, Matt Email Web site
  DiPiazza, Sarah Email Web site
  DuVal, Lauren Email Web site
  Enjaian, Meredith Email
  Erickson, Michael Business Education Email 14960
  Fay, Andrea Kitchen Manager Email 15106
  Francis, Laurie Band Email (715) 852-5137
  Franklin, Bethany Email Web site
  Franz, Brittany Email Web site
  Gabler, Mackenzie Special Education Teacher Email 15127
  Geddes, Kathryn Special Ed - CD Email 15139
  Gottfredsen, Elizabeth Food Service Email
  Gronning, Trevor Email
  Hammond, Patrick Email Web site
  Hanson, Shari Teacher, Spanish Email 15143
  Hauser, William Physical Education Email 16580
  Hawk, Ashley Email 15137 Web site
  Heacox, Joan Math 8 Email 15144
  Heidorn, Chad Technology Coordinator Email 15115
  Heinz, Todd Police Liaison Oficer Email 15293
  Henningsgaard, Claire Email
  Hepfler, Janice Kitchen Staff Email
  Heuer, Shelby Teacher, 6th Grade Reading Email (715) 852-5168
  Heuring, Jamie Email Web site
  Hinke, Stacey Email Web site
  Holle, Andrew Grade 6 - Team G Email 15147
  Huls, Alaric Email
  Ivory, James Special Ed Assistant Email 15001
  Johnson, Julia Email
  Jolley, Ian Social Studies 8 Email 15149
  Kardin, Merlin Email
  Kellogg, Camryn Email Web site
  Kent, Amy Email 15146
  Kloss, Laura Email Web site
  Kove, Katherine Math 7 Email (715) 852-5169
  Kozak, Jesse Email Web site
  Kramer, Mark Custodian Email 15105
Photo for Krueger, Atalia Krueger, Atalia Roosevelt Music, Northstar Choir 6 Email 14742
  LaBarbera, Jill Library Media Specialist, South & Northstar Middle Schools Email 15109
  LaFave, Julie Email
  Lagesse, David Custodian Email 16582
  Lindell, Hannah Email Web site
  Lor, Toua Email 16577
  Lowry, Johnathan Email Web site
  Lueck, Dawn Email 15163 Web site
  Luthy, Susan Special Ed - LD Email (715) 852-5152
  Mahder, Shelby Email 15168 Web site
  Mathews, Debra Special Ed Assistant Email 15133
  Mayer, Cinthia Email 16591 Web site
  McCalebb, Willie Email 15174 Web site
  McGinnis, Patrick Business Education Teacher Email (715) 852-4960
  McMahon, Allison Email 15123 Web site
  Mertins, Ashley Email (715) 852-5119
  Meyer, Chris Special Ed Assistant/LMC Assistant Email 15138
  Mooney, William Email
  Moseler, Athena Social Studies Email 15130
  Muller, Emily Email
  Myers, Christopher Email Web site
  NESTOR, JEFFREY Building Services Manager Email 16605
  Niemann, Lyle Custodian Email 16584
  Nuenke, Ronald Custodian Email (715) 852-6583
  Ohlmann, Traci Vocal Music Email 15159
  Olson, Michelle English Learners grades 6-8 Grade 6 English Email 15175
  Owen, Mitchell Email Web site
  Passint, Beth School Nurse Email 13486
  Peplinski, Michelle Grade 6 G Email 15161
  Peterson, Johanna Art Email 15125
  Pickard, Brent Email Web site
  Pronschinske, Sherry Email
  Quaranta, Susan Special Education Assistant Email 15155
  Rakotomahenina, Lalaoarivelo Email Web site