Robbins History

The History of Robbins Elementary

Researched by Sarah Lilly

      Robbins Elementary School is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has been part of the Eau Claire Area School District since 1961.  By the year 2007, it will be one of the largest elementary schools in the Eau Claire Area School District with approximately 450 students.  However, it began life as a humble one-room school in the then rural township of Washington in Eau Claire County.  How was it that Robbins survived and grew, while so many other one-room school houses eventually were closed?  Read on, to find out why...

     According to school lore, Robbins Elementary was founded in 1855 with the help of Ephraim Wheeler Robbins, a farmer originally from New York State.  Voters along with Wheeler (as he preferred to be known) Robbins raised about $400 to build a school for nearby children. A house owned by Hubbard Robbins, Wheeler's son, was torn down to make room for the school. The original building was made of kiln-baked bricks as were many of the houses of that time. It was about sixteen feet wide and twenty four feet long and was located on the land that is currently the Hillcrest Golf Course.  In 1863, the school was moved to a lot on the Wyman farm which is the current site today.  In 1878, a new building was built on the same site.  For more about the Robbins family, click the next button below. 


A section of an 1876 Eau Claire County Plat Map

Robbins Site


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