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The Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) employs approximately 1,400 full and part-time employees and is responsible for the education of approximately 10,000 students. Employees are grouped into several categories: Administration, Buildings & Grounds, Certified, Classified, Extra-Curricular, Food & Nutrition, and Non-Affiliated staff. Vacancies at all levels will be posted on a regular basis. In order for a candidate to be considered for any position, a completed application (on-line) must be on file in the Human Resources Department. The Eau Claire Area School District does accept applications throughout the year. 
The Human Resources Department of the ECASD is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of the recruitment, selection, and other employment policies and procedures of the ECASD. It is charged with developing those policies, which are designed to attract and retain the best-qualified and available employees to provide services and support programs directed towards the education of the children of the community. In addition, the Human Resources Department performs many other functions on behalf of the school district such as administering the school district's equal employment policies and procedures as well as ensuring the district's compliance to all local, state and federal laws and regulations designed to provide and ensure equal employment opportunities for all individuals of the community.
Important Message for Individuals Interested in Teacher, Clerical,
and Aide Substitution for the 2014-15 School Year
The Eau Claire Area School District is now partnering with Teachers on Call (TOC) to provide teacher, clerical and aide substitutes for the district.  TOC 24/7, featuring AESOP technology allows substitutes to search for available assignments any time, either by calling a toll-free number or by logging on via the web.  You may also be notified of potential assignments based on the individual staff member's preference list.  If you are a current AESOP user, your current user ID and PIN# will remain the same.
Please mark your calendar to attend one of the four, two-hour substitute orientation meetings with Teachers on Call listed below.  You must attend one of these sessions to be able to substitute in the Eau Claire Area School District this year, after August 26, 2014.
At any time now BEFORE these July sessions, please go online to and complete the formal application.  This will accelerate your application process to become a TOC substitute so that you are ready to work for the Eau Claire Area School District when school begins.  Hiring for teacher, clerical, and aide substitutes will no longer be done through the school district.
In addition to completing the online application, please be sure to bring identification such as the following to the meeting you attend:

Your current, valid Driver's License AND your original Social Security card or Birth Certificate


Your current, valid Passport

If you are unable to attend on July 9 or 24, please call TOC at 800.713.4439 to set up an alternative meeting time.
If you already applied with Teachers On Call at another neighboring District, you do not need to reapply nor attend this substitute orientation meeting.  Simply call Teachers On Call at 800.713.4439 and advise that you would like to access opportunities in the Eau Claire Area School District as well.  All benefits accrue on a continuing basis when you work with any district registered with TOC.
Orientation Dates (choose one to attend):
Wednesday, July 9, 2014:  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in Room 137 at the District Board Office, 500 Main Street 
Wednesday, July 9, 2014:  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. in Room 137 at the District Board Office, 500 Main Street
Thursday, July 24, 2014, 2014:  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in Room 137 at the District Board Office, 500 Main Street
Thursday, July 24, 2014:  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. in Room 137 at the District Board Office, 500 Main Street
**ANOTHER DATE ADDED:  Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon in Room 137 at 500 Main Street
Substitutes for Building/Grounds and Food/Nutrition will continue to be hired through the District.  Please visit our Employment Opportunities page for more information to apply in WECAN.
For information about employment in the Eau Claire Area School District, contact:
Human Resources Department
500 Main Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 852-3050
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