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I am Nagai-sensei. Please call me Sensei. Let me explain about Japanese program at Memorial High School.

Memorial High School is offering four years of Japanese language instruction. This program is a classroom setting, not long distance TV cable learning. It is unique to have this established Non-European language instruction opportunity at Memorial High School. Since Japanese is likely not familiar to you, you may wonder, “How much can I speak after four years of Japanese?” or “Can I continue to study Japanese at college?” Here are the answers for you.
First, every summer Memorial students take a trip to Japan with their classmates as a life-long experience. These students took Japanese for 3 or 4 years at Memorial. They stayed with Japanese hostfamilies, spent time at a Japanese high school, and navigated by themselves in town as a way to begin conversations with Japanese people. Memorial students created a fun website for this Japan trip to share their cross-cultural experiences. Please visit the Japan trip web site <www.nagaisensei.com>
Second, lately many colleges in our area have comprehensive placement tests for Japanese language-learning students. For example, after three or four years of Japanese, Memorial students take the placement test and can get into 201 or 202 level of Japanese at college (retroactive college credits). You can keep taking a Japanese class at college.
Please come and try learning Japanese!
Looking forward to meeting you in Japanese class.
Hiroko Nagai

Japan Trips

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